Monday, 20 February 2006

"When I call you a whore, that's just me bein a bitch" WTS??? Right on, so Im up once again in the wee am hours and Im bored. Watchin Sleepers on HBO, talkin to James and Manda, and that's about it. Rah.

Ok, so funniest damn thing I've heard all bloody day: and the sad part is, that its true...i enjoy shopping, and i'm good at it; i'm not supposed to be!!! i'm a guy who likes girls!!! hahaha....ok, I had my funny haha for the's all good.

Right on, there's really not so much to talk about....How's about the fact that Im actually gettin kinda sorta tired and it's night time?
That's pretty sweet news about monsters of cock, how about the fact that tomorrow Im going to see some big tits? More sweet news. And sunday's party day! Woot! good times good times.

Right on, this is pointless. Im so outta here!